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The plumbing and heating game.

The good the bad and the ugly.

I completely except that 9 times out of 10 the boilers that are being replaced with these newer models are without question, far better products with greater warrantees and way more efficient in terms of running costs and performance.


What’s the problem? Isn’t it better to replace my boiler then. More economical in the long run? Why continue with a less efficient model that may end up costing me money?

It’s a bit of a nightmare when you call a heating firm in and they tell you that your boiler needs replacing, especially if it’s not very old.  Apparently the parts for the boiler are no longer available or it’s beyond economical repair.

We have heard this so many times from new customers you just wouldn’t believe it.

Unfortunately there are plumbing and heating firms that are taking out boilers that are easy to repair and maintain. The cost for the repair being a lot less  than spending out a couple of thousand pounds for a new boiler, and then you have whatever sales techniques they use to “up sell” to make you feel like you’re getting this amazing deal, as they are, of course, doing you a massive favour.

We have been asked to carry out a second opinion many times for customers because of lazy tradesman deciding for themselves that a new boiler is the best way forward as a repair simply won’t make them enough money. Or perhaps a more likely reason is…that they just don’t know how to repair the fault!

However, the kind of people that can’t be bothered to repair the boiler are also the kind of people that can’t be bothered to fit your new boiler correctly.

Who can you trust then?

Is it the one-man bands or  is it the established firms that have been around for years and years?

You would like it to be both!!

I certainly don’t think you will find the answer from the ‘Which,’ ‘Best Buy’ or ‘Check a Trade’ platforms as these are membership brands that you pay to be part of.

Is it with Gas Safe?

Well yes and no really. Just because they are gas safe registered doesn’t make them good at their job.

It is a crying shame that the industry is suffering as a result of poor workmanship and dishonesty.

Obviously I would love to reinstall trust back in to not only to the paying public but also to the boiler manufactures who suffer bad reputations as a result of boilers fitted incorrectly or installed in the wrong environments.

I’m not sure if all engineers would agree with me but I am also of the belief that boiler snobbery is a load of rubbish! I feel that any correctly sized boiler fitted in the right property doing what it’s designed to do has no reason not to perform the same way as any other boiler… Yes ok, there are a couple of boilers I don’t particularly like personally but I wouldn’t tell a customer to replace it based on my experience with that brand or model if there was nothing wrong with it.

So you’re probably thinking,  ok so what’s your point?

Well it’s simply this. The plumbing and heating industry needs to change. We are seeing the trade being flooded with non-skilled tradesman driving the industry into the black economy through cheap and sub standard work. This trade needs a high level of skill to ensure the safety of the end users of these heating and hot water systems and the properties they are installed in.

So, if it sounds like someone is trying to sell you a boiler before even looking at the appliance for whatever faults you have, then maybe you should ask for a second opinion.

I mean if they haven’t even looked at solving the problem then it’s not fair in my opinion for them to charge for a call out. It would be my advice to ask for another firm to actually find the fault and give you the option to fix the gas appliance.

If in the event it does seem like a waste of time and money to carry out the repair and discussing all other options,  you the customer can decide on whether a new appliance is required.


Surely that is what the engineer is for?

To instruct me as he is the specialist? 

Well,  yes that is correct…I don’t have an answer for this…However, by getting a second opinion at least it will give you a better idea and hopefully will reinstall some trust back into the plumbing and heating sector.

What if I don’t have time?

Trust me! It might save you a lot of money. If you need a new boiler then get 3 or 4 quotations by reputable installers in your area.  Nowadays most of the boilers that are being fitted come with long term parts and labour guarantees – sometimes up to 10yrs plus – depending on the manufacturers that your chosen company likes most.

Right! So why are you telling us this?

I have been in the plumbing and heating trade for over 25 years and there have been a lot of changes during this time. The problem is that we are now being set a target: to supply and fit new boilers instead of maintaining and repairing when possible to do so. It is with this mandate that dishonesty can and often does rule.

Perfectly good boilers or easy-to-repair boilers are being replaced with newer models, and as I mentioned earlier, yes ok, they can sometimes be far better BUT… when I see 5 to 6 yr old boilers being replaced because the pipework is a mess or the fitter doesn’t approve of the way the flue is installed,  or perhaps there is a fault that they simply don’t know how to repair then this becomes in my opinion a different matter altogether. If only they would try to improve what’s already there instead of turning into salesmen.

All I want to achieve is to make people aware that there are firms out there that are built on honest, reliable, decent moral foundations that take pride in their work and genuinely want to help you with your plumbing and heating, whether you are domestic or commercial customer.

I guarantee that real specialists are out there, available to offer a professional and trustworthy service.

If you have taken the time to read this, thank you. We look forward to doing business with you in the future.

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